FIve String Furniture: The Back Story

     When Tennessee native Nate Akey and Florida born Jeff Estes first crossed paths in  the fall of 2013 they were working independently at Nashville’s Fort Houston; a 10,000 Sq. Ft. co-work space with over 80 active members. For both Estes and Akey, wood working and fabrication was a relatively new concept. Estes, a University of Colorado graduate and small business owner had recently moved to Nashville from Breckenridge Colorado to pursue a career in music. Finding it hard to hold down consistent work after returning from tour, he began building furniture in his back yard. Woodworking soon became a stress relief and source of financial stability, giving reason enough to move into a shop. Completing undergrad at Lipscomb University and earning a nursing degree from Vanderbilt Medical, Akey had several job offers upon finishing school. Realizing within months that his field of work was not a passion, he put his degree aside and began building furniture for friends and family in his grandfathers shed. Within months of leaving nursing, he also had enough clients to justify a bigger work space.

     Operating with two work benches and a handful of tools, the two craftsmen ran separate businesses sharing a wood shop with 80 active members. Expanding their local reach and scale of commissioned jobs, it took less than a year before the two began working together on almost every project. By the spring of 2014 they realized that combining forces would allow them to expand more successfully. Moving into a new space  located just steps from their co-work habitat, they now manage a 2,300 sq. ft. wood, metal and fabrication shop with the means to design, draft and create anything. Five String Furniture is now working with some of Nashville’s newest businesses, helping create one of a kind pieces for clients of any scale. From Coffee shops and restaurants to recording studios and uniquely outfitted office spaces,  Five String Furniture is committed  to bringing unparalleled quality and creativity to the region.