Allen Duke Design

Newest Build, FSM Nashville Sign

     Pictured above is our newest build for a local financial management company, FSM here in Nashville TN. When they came to us with the initial file of their logo, also pictured in these slides, we thought of doing engraved letters in an all wood frame. However, they wanted the letters to be free-floating on the wall to keep it clean, modern, and direct. After a bit of planning and consulting with Steric Design and Allen Duke Steel Design, we decided to CNC the letters in pairs, double them up and paint them, while having the bridge laser cut out of steel. 

   For mounting, we secured dry-wall anchors and routed holes in the back of the letters to the size of the screw heads coming out from the anchors. We then measured each screw to come out 2.5" and mounted the letters with construction adhesive to guaranteed a snug and secure fit. We welded steel tabs on the back of the bridge and mounted them directly. The end result, a very clean, free standing sign inside of their office.