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Expanding Markets: The Trip to Florida

     Growing a small business in an age defined by unstable markets and a generation described as "careless" and "indifferent" towards the countries economy can be difficult. It often means that you will take jobs you might other wise not, just to make your monthly payments. However, you can not let economic criticisms and predictions dictate your planning, business plans or investments. Rather, take the opportunity to adapt and expand into markets you might not be as familiar or comfortable with- especially if others in your industry have already given up on them. 

    For us this means branching out from our typical client base in Nashville, TN. When approached by business owners on Amelia Island, Florida, we jumped on the opportunity to work with them. Rather than turning down the job due to obvious risks: the upfront costs of shipping, an install 10 hours away from the shop, never meeting the clients in person etc., we looked at the job as an opportunity to actively advertise our products and expand our reach in a new market. The Risk: losing money on a slew of negative factors. The reward: becoming a National furniture company while gaining new contacts and potential buyers in the state of Florida. 

    And, the install was one of the funnest we've done to date. Absolutely no hiccups, hitches or delays. The clients at Amelia Island Coffee Company were a blast to work with and we were fortunate enough to tie in some time at the beach while we weren't working. The short of it: if business gets slow in one market, take the down time to research and explore opportunities in others!