Weekend collecting wood

It's part of a small business owners responsibility to continuously reinvest in your future. However, the term reinvestment doesn't always have to come in the form of money. For woodworkers and fabricators the world over, we often face unique challenges regarding our materials.  Resources come and go, prices are always fluctuating and availability of some of your favorites are hit or miss. Simply put, everything we have is finite; wood doesn't last forever and steel will eventually rust. It is also part of our responsibility to grow responsibly, both environmentally and ethically. So when you come across a bounty of mediums you work with often, you better set aside your plans and get to collecting. 

    This past weekend in Nashville a local wood shop closed their doors and had a rather large rack of various wood up for grabs. The deal was whoever takes it must take it all, including the 20+ ft. tall pallet racks it was stored on. With only two days to secure the find, we got busy. With the help of some friends and colleagues we were able to completely salvage the above goods. The Score: several hundred board feet of Sassafras, mahogany, oak, heart pine, tongue and groove pine flooring, oak flooring, and poplar. If something great comes your way be sure to make yourself available. Get busy, be gracious, and go build!

A very special thanks to the guys at Steric Design and Rien Long for the help. Check them out below!