Producer Desk

Station West: When Clients help you push the limit

     Late last spring we had one of our favorite clients, Station West Studios, come to us with an incredibly challenging job. They have a 1980's Trident 80b recording console framed in a producers desk made of curly maple, from 3/4 to 10/4 stock. This was before we had a relationship with our CNC guy, so most of the work was done by band saw and trim routers. What we did:

    Completely tape off console and remove hard wiring. Sanded off original finish. Added a left wing to the console to match the right wing. Re-matched original amber shellac finish and re-assembled all pieces. We also had to install and refinish everything in 2 days because they had clients recording on a tight schedule. Not only were they great clients at the time, we've been working with them ever since as they dream up new equipment and custom pieces to develop the studio more.

    Looking back, it was a challenging build for multiple reasons. The technical scale of the wood working, the limitations of time and space, and the never-ending pursuit of "perfect" duplication. Accepting such challenges can allow you to see what your capable of, especially in fields you normally wouldn't pursue.

Check out Station West below: