The Contributor

Drafting Ideas- The Contributor Desk

     Something you realize rather quickly once you get into furniture design and creation is that good drawings are essential to completing a successful build. Professional drawings quickly transform the entire process for both the buyer and manufacturer. For starters, it allows the client to visualize the plans you might see clearly in you head, but they don't quite grasp. Client communication can get messy in the custom fabrication world making it important to set serious and reasonable perimeters on the project. Drawings help clarify many questions and concerns for the buyer, as well as pull forth inquires and ideas on the front end, rather than surfacing half way through the job. 

    For a maker, accurate and scaled drawings save time and material- the two biggest expenses in any shop. Knowing exactly how much material you need will prevent unnecessary waste, and pre planned cut lists and assembly notes will save you from the annoying and time draining guess work. Essentially, the proper shop drawing is equivalent to a well charted map; keeping you on target and in the know.

Above, the drawings for a custom desk for The Contributor Office in Nashville, TN; a local non-profit publication serving the homeless and work deprived.