Wood Lathe

New Bowls, New Ideas

Have to start this one off with an apology, It's been a while since I've made post here. It's been a really busy two months on and off the road with music, changes in the company and battling custom bids as they come and go. However, I have found a sense of peace on the wood lathe and have been working constantly on dialing in my turning skills. This year we hope to turn a large portion of our online business in the direction of bowls, plates and custom lathe work. Above is the start of something new. Enjoy!

Keeping busy in the doldrums.

     As a creative, one of the hardest things you can come across is the age old issue of "writers block". Obviously, we use this term loosely considering we build furniture and fabricate goods throughout the region, but the premise remains; After long hauls of creative free-flow and high work traffic, it can be difficult to find inspiration once work slows down. For us the winter time (especially in sub-freezing rain) is the slowest part of the year. Balancing your work flow can be tricky, balancing your drive can be seemingly impossible. To combat the soulfully sluggish doldrums we call February, we created morning warm ups. 

    It's nothing ground breaking or earth shattering, but it helps us find our inner rhythm and reconnect with our creativity in a light hearted manner. We simply start off our mornings working on personal projects and new ideas that are completely free of the business. Thats to say, they are not ordered products or contractually obligated projects. Rather, fun and unique builds that stimulate our wilder side and get us back in fighting shape for when things get busy. 

    When sailors hit mid-equitorial doldrums and lose wind in their sails, it's one of two things; get busy working on the ship, or go crazy. We prefer to stay afloat. Our wind of the week, some random turnings on the lathe and a wester cedar shower matt.